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At the age of 40, I thought I was the luckiest man in England. I had been married to my childhood sweetheart for 15 years with 4 wonderful children that I doted on. I was self employed, making good money and living in a beautiful 500 year old farmhouse. We had great friends, great holidays then BOOM. My life imploded. My wife had an affair. A bitter divorce ensued. I was forced out of my home and out of my business. My Ex hired aggressive lawyers who cleaned me out financially. All in the space of a year. I was then offered a job on the other side of the world in Brisbane, Australia. Since then, I have started to rebuild my life and am happier than ever. I have remarried, discovered a wonderful country that I am proud to call home and am continuing to learn and become a better person. My new life has come at a price but I do not regret what I have done. I have always been a caring, loving Dad who is now alienated from my four teenage children because I did not behave as my ex-wife wanted me to behave. This blog describes reflections on life then, now and into the future. My blogs may be random but I hope they are not dull. Life isn't. It is what you make it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Lovely to see dozens of new graduates, all dressed in their graduation uniforms celebrating by the river in the bright winter sunshine with their loved ones. What a joyous moment. One that will live with them for ever.
As an alienated Dad, this is something that I will be likely to miss. My children are embarking on further education in a life that is closed to me. I do not know what, where or how they will be studying but I'm proud of them nonetheless. If I'm not to be a part of that journey with them then I would feel a fraud to be at any graduation ceremony in the future. However, seeing those happy families today did make me feel pleased for their gain and sad for my loss.
I hope they come back to me.

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